A day in Cape Town

Today didn’t start off too well … Robben Island ferry cancelled, clients waited for me at the wrong place, crazy crazy traffic jam, time wasted hanging around on Lion’s Head waiting for perfect conditions so one client could go paragliding (it never happened), and then more traffic as it took 45 minutes to travel 2 kms. At one point I thought my head was going to explode – headache, sinuses, hunger, heat, traffic – yay! But everything turned out well in the end and it was a good day because Cape Town is fabulous, warts and all.

1 Camps Bay

Camps Bay in all its glory – clients went nuts imitating Chinese photo-taking tourists on the rocks. They’re somewhere in this photo, in among the other tourists.

2 Signal Hill

Then I framed my clients on top of Signal Hill where, for some strange reason, we had the place to ourselves

3 Lions Head

Poor Lions’ Head – all scarred from last week’s fire. How the Kramat was saved is anyone’s guess – it’s the green-roofed building next to the centre path.

4 3 trees

Three lonesome trees at the top of the mountain.

5 owl

Poor little owl chick at Kirstenbosch. He lives in a plant basket hanging above the balcony at Vida e Cafe but has recently taken to jumping down to the balcony where visitors pick him up and touch him. I had to stop a woman who was trying to get it to sit on her arm but instead caused it to fall and roll around on this ledge. Eventually one of the baristas came and put it back in its basket. This is not going to end well as this bird has no fear of humans.

6 conservatory

I had the conservatory all to myself for a while (where was everyone today? Stuck on the roads in traffic?).

7 dylan lewis

One of the stunning Dylan Lewis sculptures at Kirstenbosch.

8 succulents

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven at the Kirstenbosch nursery. They’ve just received a huge shipment of succulents. Prices are not bad and there are some species I’ve been hankering after – I am there like a shot next week as soon as my clients leave.

9 the prom

There was no way on earth I was going to sit in traffic again to get home so I went to the Sea Point promenade to see what’s happening with the repairs to the section next to the Pav. I was told it should be finished in a week’s time. I thought it was just the paving being redone but it’s the whole wall and railings, quite a big job.

10 the prom

Even the beach is off-limits which I’m sure is being ignored by the regulars.


I love how the construction fencing has been carefully placed around each of these trees that grow sideways and provide the best shade parking in town.



City from Signall Hill

I needed photos of specific city scenes  for my website and my friend Caroline, who takes good photos, agreed to help me. She bossily told me to meet her in the city centre at 05:30. I was horrified at the idea of being awake so early, let alone 20 km from home, but I didn’t argue. When we met up it was still dark so we could have spent another 30 minutes in bed, or drinking coffee.

Undeterred, we went up to Tafelberg Road and watched the sun come up and took about 200 photos of Table Mountain as the sun lit it up one rock at a time. Not one of those photos satisfied us but we felt very self-righteous about being there so early in the day. We then went to Signal Hill and took a few hundred more. This is one of my favourites but I don’t believe it’s a great shot. The sun was fighting to shine through a few straggly grey clouds and we were very grateful that we had the road to ourselves at that early time of day because it allowed us to stop in places one would not normally be able to do safely.

After this we went and had a big breakfast before continuing with our photographic day which took us all the way down the peninsula. Between the 2 of us we must have taken about 600 photographs of which we liked about 20, max. Halleluja for digital!


A note to all accidental visitors:

I am not a photographer and do not claim to have any particular skills whatsoever in that department. I have enormous respect for those who can see the potential in a scene and can create a great photo. Good photography is an art, in my opinion.

I am just a happy snapper, I have no special lenses or accessories, my camera is very simple and it's usually best to leave the setting on auto.

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