Rugby fans for life

I’m on a blogging roll tonight. I can’t believe I forgot about these photos.

Last December I went to Kleinmond with Caroline and Larni for a weekend of beach and river and wine and girl talk. As we were driving around the village looking at people’s gardens (sometimes with horror, sometimes with admiration, always critical) Caroline suddenly screeched and said there was something she’d been meaning to show me but kept forgetting.

Directing me through the streets we finally landed up here – the home of the Western Cape’s biggest rugby fans. The BIGGEST, by far. I’ve seen some fans and their gear and their enthusiasm and their loyalty before but this takes the cake and I challenge anyone to show a bigger display of loyalty and love for a game.

fans again

In case you don’t get it, the entire house and garden and bakkie are all decorated in province rugby decorations – even the roof is painted.
That’s Caroline striking a pose in blue – fitting for the environment, I think.


Note the lovely mountain – easy to miss with your eyes hurting so much at the sight of a bakkie decorated like that.

Fans 1

Both sides of the roof are painted like that – it’s visible from several streets away.
Note the balls on the pillars.

Fans 2

Very tasteful bull.
Note how the wall detail in Stormers stripes. There wasn’t a surface unadorned.

Fans 3

The Western Province red disa – emblem of all sports teams in the Cape.
This was in December, hence the tinsel, in team colour of course.

Fans 4

In case you hadn’t realised.

Summer round-up

Varsity Cup in Stellenbosch - is this not the most beautiful backdrop for a sports match?

Varsity Cup in Stellenbosch – is this not the most beautiful backdrop for a sports match?

Oh the shame of it! Months since my last entry, can you ever forgive me? It’s been a busy summer, well that’s my excuse, anyway. What’s yours for having no blog at all? I know some of you would be very entertaining.

Catch up of last few months.

Vida is thriving and still acts like a puppy; her love affair with Bijou the Yorkie is still on-going despite his offspring-producing infidelity. Her Facebook status has had to be changed to ‘open relationship’ and she’s having a lesbian thing with Frank’s dog, Inge. Bijou’s 2 year ban on entering my property was temporarily lifted a few weeks ago and the plants are still in severe shock. I have finally planted a herb and veg garden (veg = mainly lettuce, can’t be fagged with much else) in a canny tire-garden to keep Vida out. Photos of that will come later when it’s more brag-worthy.

Summer has been totally awesome – sadly it’s almost over and the classic Capetonian complaints will begin while we suffer our way through a whole 3,25 months of extreme winter at 13 degrees C. Most of this complaining will take place on Facebook between myself and my 2 friends Vangie and Cathy. In the meantime we’re enjoying the last few sunny weeks. Braaivleis, sunny skies and no Chevrolet. Yes, I left ‘rugby’ out of that famous line, give me a few moments..

This was the first full summer season of Tours du Cap and, after a slow December, things took off like a bomb! I even had double bookings and turned a few away owing to short supply of vehicles! Howzat?? The tours were mostly classic peninsula and winelands with a few exceptions – like the time we did Robben Island, Iziko Slave Lodge and Holocaust Centre all in one day – never again, it was so emotionally draining I’m sure there’s a part of my heart I’ll never get back.

Clients were an interesting mixed bunch. From the illicit lovers, to the family with children who tried to kill each other in the vehicle, to the wealthy Russians from Chicago who know more about wine than I do, to the charming 11 year old who collects olive oil and can discuss it like a pro .. that’s what I love about this job, the variety of clients. Oh, and the lovely lunches at expensive wine estates.

And the rugby! Yes, dear reader, I actually attended, and thoroughly enjoyed, a RUGBY game! No ordinary game either, this was in Stellenbosch – some consider this lovely historic town as the heart and home of South African rugby. The Maties (home) team is the best and the supporters are considered by professional players to be the best in the country. And I was there! On a very hot evening, one of the earlier VarsityCup games was Maties versus NMMU (aka PE), and I took a group of viticulture students from France as part of their tour. They’re all rugby lovers so first they played on the lawns which thrilled them no end because of the welcome and encouragement they received from passers-by, and then we watched the game. They raved non-stop about the atmosphere, the beautiful girls, the backdrop of mountains, and so on. Having sneaked a few more beers than permitted by the teacher, they were in high spirits and sang all the way home.

And here are the photos – I had to include the cheer-leaders because the students cheered for them louder than for the game itself! Only Frenchmen …

The cheerleaders who received much cheering from the young French students.

The cheerleaders who received much cheering from the young French students.


A note to all accidental visitors:

I am not a photographer and do not claim to have any particular skills whatsoever in that department. I have enormous respect for those who can see the potential in a scene and can create a great photo. Good photography is an art, in my opinion.

I am just a happy snapper, I have no special lenses or accessories, my camera is very simple and it's usually best to leave the setting on auto.

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