Autumn at Alphen Trail

I was so chuffed when Caroline said she was coming to my part of town to walk at Alphen with us. I’ve been raving about this lovely waking area so she wanted to see for herself. She brought one of her dogs, Maxi, and her daughter Blom, Blom’s friend Mischa, and a small picnic for the girls. This walk normally takes me about 45 minutes but with this little group who wanted to play, paddle in the stream, explore, take photos and stop for a quick picnic, we were at it for over 2 hours! I liked that because I was able to explore a few little corners I don’t usually bother with. Vida was in her element  – the more time she spends there, the happier she is, and the girls even played her favourite game of chasing her while she ran in ever-increasing circles.

I know it’s a lot of photos but I couldn’t decide on which to omit to keep the numbers down (and I have no idea why the photos are all so small).

Enjoy the walk with us!


Caroline took lots of photos!


The first waterfall – quite a bit of water for this time of year, will soon fill up even more.


Girls strolling along


There are some weird trees on this trail, as I’ve mentioned before


Blom peeking through the bushes


Another shot of Caroline taking photos – look at the autumn leaves! I love the noise they make when you walk on them.


Our dogs exploring the water.


It’s really pretty there!


Girls posing


Girls crossing the stream on a log


This little girl in her bright pink tutu was too cute!


Caroline showing a little boy the photos she took of him


Caroline made me do this


Vida surveying her turf – yes, she does almost own this trail!

Discovering wide

This photo of Clarence Drive (between Gordon’s Bay and Betty’s Bay) is noteworthy for the fact that this was when I discovered the wide function of my camera and once I started, I couldn’t get enough. I took two shots of this scene but the other one didn’t have the rocks in front so it lacks depth, or something.

I was on my way home after a weekend spent in Kleinmond with Heather and Caroline. Caroline’s mother, Audrey, had asked us to come and see the flowers on the mountain behind her house that were coming into bloom after a fire. We were not disappointed – all sorts of beautiful little flowers had sprung up all over the mountain amongst the burnt proteas and other fynbos. It was a bit surreal to see the contrast between colour, life and dead plants. We had a fabulous walk with, as usual, Audrey outpacing us and putting us ‘youngsters’ to shame as we huffed and puffed and dawdled.

After that walk we’d built up a healthy appetite for lunch and ate our way through an oxtail stew like an army of ants. Poor Audrey, if she hoped for leftovers she didn’t get any.

And the wide setting? I often forget to change back so I have a lot of wide angled flowers and my computer goes into spasms trying to deal with massive transfers but I do have some very nice wide angle shots of the pretty spaces around me.

City from Signall Hill

I needed photos of specific city scenes  for my website and my friend Caroline, who takes good photos, agreed to help me. She bossily told me to meet her in the city centre at 05:30. I was horrified at the idea of being awake so early, let alone 20 km from home, but I didn’t argue. When we met up it was still dark so we could have spent another 30 minutes in bed, or drinking coffee.

Undeterred, we went up to Tafelberg Road and watched the sun come up and took about 200 photos of Table Mountain as the sun lit it up one rock at a time. Not one of those photos satisfied us but we felt very self-righteous about being there so early in the day. We then went to Signal Hill and took a few hundred more. This is one of my favourites but I don’t believe it’s a great shot. The sun was fighting to shine through a few straggly grey clouds and we were very grateful that we had the road to ourselves at that early time of day because it allowed us to stop in places one would not normally be able to do safely.

After this we went and had a big breakfast before continuing with our photographic day which took us all the way down the peninsula. Between the 2 of us we must have taken about 600 photographs of which we liked about 20, max. Halleluja for digital!


A note to all accidental visitors:

I am not a photographer and do not claim to have any particular skills whatsoever in that department. I have enormous respect for those who can see the potential in a scene and can create a great photo. Good photography is an art, in my opinion.

I am just a happy snapper, I have no special lenses or accessories, my camera is very simple and it's usually best to leave the setting on auto.

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