Hullo 2021 !

I feel as if I’ve been dragged into 2021. Not quite kicking and screaming because I’m jolly grateful I made it, but more like sluggishly limply dragged along the floor, gathering up life’s detritus as I was swept along. I’ve brought all the crap from 2020, and before, with me.

There’s no such thing as a new leaf, a new beginning, a new anything, this week – it’s just a calendar date, not a cataclysmic event that changes everything overnight. Look at Covid – that didn’t happen overnight, it crept up on us. It will go away in just the same way, slowly. Until one day there are no more infections, no more masks, and the survivors look back and ask what the fuck was that about? Will we be ready for the next virus? Will any lessons be learned from this one? I doubt it. We’ve known this was coming and yet when it hit us, we were unprepared.

And now the pharmaceutical companies are screwing us over the vaccines because rich countries are outbidding each other. I have already heard the term ‘vaccine apartheid’. Canada has bought enough to vaccinate all its citizens five times over. The UK and US are totally screwing up their distribution process, despite their wealth and so-called first-world abilities. China and Russia have cheap unapproved versions. South Africa? Seems we’re going to manufacture for export and we can’t afford the 60 million shots we need. If we had not lost trillions during a preceding president’s terms, we would be in a better financial position. The current government is refusing to share its plan with us, assuming they have one. Our President creates Instagram photo opps by jogging with the rich but refuses serious interviews.

And on that cheerful note, here we are January 3. The weather in Cape Town is hot and sunny. The dogs are lazy yet dying for a run on the beach or green belt which is not possible because those places are forbidden. I am bored and unable to concentrate on anything for very long, so reading is not as rewarding as it could be, same for Netflix which has nothing new. This is when I think maybe owning a tv set would be good so I could switch it on and just stare mindlessly.

The beady eye from Vida and a strange little miniature sunflower that I am growing. I say strange because I had no idea it would be so small.

I have not earned any income for almost a year as tourism has ground to a halt. One of the most difficult things I’ve ever done was to set up a crowdfunding campaign to try raise enough money to pay off my touring vehicle before the bank could repossess it. I’ve had an excellent response, mainly from ex clients. Here is the link in case anyone wants to chip in a few dollars. Many, many thanks in advance.

About Francoise Armour

I run a small touring company (Tours du Cap) at the bottom of Africa, to show visitors the beauty and vibrant culture of the country I have lived in since my parents brought me here from France as a child. I enjoy taking photos and wish I had learnt to do it properly. I enjoy writing but don't do enough of it. I enjoy walking in the mountains that surround me and I marvel over the views and the flowers and the amazing rock formations. I have a small, cute, clever, black dog of indeterminable breed, named Vida, who reminds me regularly that walking and getting out is not only for when tourists want it.

All feedback welcome, so share your thoughts please!

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A note to all accidental visitors:

I am not a photographer and do not claim to have any particular skills whatsoever in that department. I have enormous respect for those who can see the potential in a scene and can create a great photo. Good photography is an art, in my opinion.

I am just a happy snapper, I have no special lenses or accessories, my camera is very simple and it's usually best to leave the setting on auto.

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